Treat yourself: How to decide what to fix first when remodeling / by Jenny Yarborough


Fall is the perfect time of year to start on some of those home renovation projects you’ve been thinking about for what might feel like a lifetime. Remodeling doesn’t sound quite so daunting when the scorching summer heat has cooled off a bit. So when you do decide it’s a good time to start, how do you choose which project to tackle first? Check out these 5 tips for deciding what to fix first when remodeling!

1. Take a step back and assess.

What are you hoping to work on this season? Consider the condition of your home—are their cosmetic changes that you’d like to make, or are their repairs that need to be made in order for you to live comfortably in your home?

2. Make a list.

Get everything on paper. This will help you visualize each project and determine the things that need to be done first. If necessary repairs are significant enough, you can prioritize those over cosmetic updates. If there are cosmetic changes that are relatively quick and simple, you can put those first.

3. Determine your energy level.

Do you have other things going on at home or with work that might make larger projects even more difficult? What do you truly feel you can commit your time and energy to right now? Don’t put more on your plate than necessary. You’ll be more likely to get great results when you have the energy to do it the way you’d like.

4. Run the numbers.

Look at your budget and determine an estimated cost of each project. Though this may feel a little disheartening, it’s okay to set things aside until you have the money. Cutting corners won’t get the job done right.


5. Map it out.

Create your master plan. How do you want to execute each project? Get as detailed as possible with your plan so that you know exactly what you’re doing when it’s time to begin! The more organization there is, the cleaner the implementation will be.


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