Home improvements to sell your property fast / by Mark Schmidt

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Any real estate broker will tell you that spring is the best time to sell your property. Putting your property on the market after the doldrums of winter will get you the top dollar for your home more efficiently, because spring is the time when the most buyers are ready to make their move. So what are the top home improvements you should make to your home before putting yours on the real estate market? 

Curb Appeal. Real estate these days is a lot like dating. Most of it starts online. Whether we like it or not, the first image that populates real estate sites like Houzz or Zillow is more than likely going to make or break the decision as to whether or not potential home buyers even step foot on your property. So before the real estate agent or their photographer captures the essence of your home on camera, do a little sprucing up. Pay a lot of attention to the front yard. Switching out the old door for a new one, exchanging those old brass house numbers for a newer, trendier font, sodding the lawn, and adding a nice container garden (or two) to your front porch will work wonders inexpensively. Whether your buyer is searching online or just driving by, curb appeal is like a billboard advertisement for your home. Make it count!

Paint and flooring. Together they will hide (almost) anything. Painting the walls in your home is probably the cheapest thing you can do to erase the past. If you have old carpets that tell stories of the kids’ indoor soccer games, art projects that missed the canvas, and (let’s not blame the kids for it all!) red wine spills that you don’t think Stanley Steamer can clean, choose to replace the flooring. No one wants their new home to look dirty when they move in. When selecting paint colors, stick with white or beige. It might be boring but that’s what sells.

Partial renovations. While it doesn’t make sense to add actual square footage to drive up your home value, you can still glam-up the most looked-at spaces–the kitchen and bathrooms–in the house without undertaking any major expenses. Outside of that fresh coat of paint, it’s a good idea to replace all outdated faucets and light fixtures with something new. Resurface cabinets and add new hardware and, if possible, replace any old formica countertops with granite or another stone material. 

Fix what’s broken. Most home buyers don’t buy with all cash, and home lenders require certified home inspections prior to lending money. Don’t want to fix that leaky roof or outdated electrical system? You better count on a full cash offer. 

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