Make space: 4 ways to open up your space for spring / by Mark Schmidt


We all want that new granite countertop and the latest stainless steel appliances, but what can we do to give ourselves more space? Read all about our four renovation tips that will help open up your space for spring and all year long. 

Open up. Let's cut to the chase and break down those barriers. If you're living in an older space, chances are your home feels a bit like a mouse maze full of small boxed-in rooms. The best way to add space, in this case, is to knock down those dividing walls. Open up to the idea of demoing that wall that tucks the kitchen away from the dining room and the one that hides the living room too. Open floor plans are in style for a reason! Larger spaces are more functional. Why not watch tv and the kids play while you're cooking up your dinner? 

Add on. Depending on the home, you really may want to consider actually adding indoor square footage. Oftentimes, this is the best bet for new parents who don't want to lose that home office space for a nursery. And that's totally understandable! Think about how nice it would be to build your dream master bedroom with an en suite. Oftentimes, when we move into an older home, the master bedrooms can be quite small. Now you can gift that smaller space to your child and move into your own private paradise!

Look out. Some call it light. We call it magic. Natural light does wonders for our spaces especially if they're teeny tiny. When we're working with spaces that seem a bit confined, it's a good idea to think about adding windows. The more we can see of the outdoors from inside, the greater our space feels simply by the illusory effect that brings the greater outdoor space in. Skylights are great for rooms in the center of the home. Even windowed doors can make a dramatic difference in the way we feel in a room. 

Get outdoors. So you love your indoor space. It's dreamy and you don't want the hassle of redecorating–finding a new space for dad's chair or the kids' art work. So take a walk out the backdoor and let's expand outdoors! This time of year is the perfect time to start planning your outdoor spaces. Adding an outdoor dining pavilion, porch, or deck can be such a fun way to expand your family's living space!

Thinking about renovating your Wilmington or Wrightsville Beach home to open up your space for spring? Contact us here. We'd love to swing by and give you some suggestions!