energy efficiency

Prepping for winter: Energy and money saving home updates by Mark Schmidt

Fall has arrived and the draft of cooler winter air could be just a couple months from creeping into your home if you're not prepared. No one wants to wear their triple-fat down coat indoors to save money on winter electric bills and no one wants to receive a bill from Duke-Progress Energy that's triple what it was during the Fall either. So what can you do now to reduce your energy bill while keeping the winter draft outdoors? Take a look around your home to see what energy saving home updates might just benefit you and your family this season. 

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Upgrade your view: A builder's guide to energy efficient window replacement by Mark Schmidt

Windows are no longer a one-stop-shop. There are hundreds of styles, functionalities and efficiencies to choose from nowadays. With such a mass selection available for home efficiency upgrades, window shopping isn’t always so crystal clear. Read our tips below to bring the outside in while saving big on your energy bill.

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