Build your own fire pit by Mark Schmidt

What you'll need:
-Spray paint
-Landscaping stones
-Masonry adhesive
-Rubber mallet
1. Outline the bottom ring of the landscaping stones where you'd like to install your fire pit. Spray paint around the border, and remove the stones. 
2. Now you can clearly see where you need to dig. Begin to shovel the dirt/lawn out from within the circle six inches deep.
3. Once you have a solid and level circular hole, fill it with gravel so that it is level with the ground. 
4. Lay the first layer of landscaping stones along the gravel circle. Tamp the stones with the rubber mallet so that they are level with each other.
5. Place masonry adhesive on the bottom of the next landscaping stones one by one and stagger each one as you place them so that the middle of the stone aligns with the seam on the row below it. Once the second row is complete, use the rubber mallet again to create a level surface. 
6. Repeat with the third row. 
7. Invite your friends over for an outdoor get-together!