Hello hurricane season! How to hurricane-proof your home / by Jenny Yarborough


On the coast of NC, hurricane season has officially arrived, and it feels like it’s in even fuller effect with the amount of rain we’ve already had this year! Hurricane-proofing your home is one of the most important steps you can take, particularly when you live on the coast. You’ve likely put a lot of work into your beautiful home, so making sure it’s protected is necessary! Check out these 6 tips for hurricane-proofing your home.

Reinforce your doors. Do you have double doors in your home? In some cases, there will be a functioning door while the other is fixed. If this is true for you, reinforce the fixed door at the top and bottom. You can find reinforcement kits at your local hardware store.

Garage doors can also be incredibly vulnerable during hurricanes. Reinforce them at their weakest points or brace them during storms. If heavy winds cause your garage door to give way, wind could blow through the house and potentially tear the roof away.

Install storm shutters. Windows with impact-resistant glass are a huge help, but also consider installing storm shutters. Ultimately, keeping all glass areas completely protected is the most effective way to hurricane-proof your home.

Have basic supplies nearby. Having an emergency kit stocked with the essentials—water, batteries, food, flashlights, etc.--is a great idea. If you have a downstairs closet or bathroom with no windows that you plan to use as a safe room, keep your emergency kit there. That way, it’s on hand as soon as you need it.

Clear away debris from your yard. If you have outdoor furniture or garden decorations, play it safe by bringing it all inside. Remove any loose branches that might be hanging in trees.

Clean out the gutters. Make sure your gutters are clean before a hurricane rolls through. There will be huge amounts of rain that will need somewhere to go. Keeping a clear pathway for water to flow off of your roof can help prevent leaks.

Have a backup generator. Whether you install a system within your home, or simply have a smaller generator to use as a backup, it’s a good idea to have one on hand. If you lose power for a few days, you’ll still be able to keep the necessities running.

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