Get Lucky: How to Find the Best Available Property / by Jenny Yarborough

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Finding the right property for your new home is one of the most important decisions you can make during the building process. It can often feel like a game of luck, but really it’s all about getting clear on what it is that you envision for your dream home! It’s fun and exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming. That’s where we come in!

Let us help make some sense of it for you. Check out these 5 steps for getting lucky when it comes to finding the best lot for your new home:

What’s your style, and where do you see yourself? Are you hoping for a quaint community or neighborhood, or would you rather the closest house be a mile away? Do you envision yourself stepping onto your porch with your morning coffee, gazing out across the water? If so, are you on the river, ocean or channel? Do you want bike paths and sidewalks, or are you more interested in school districts? It’s also important to consider the sun. If your bedroom will be on the back of the house, is that where you’d like the sun to rise? For maximum light, you’ll want the side of your house with the most windows to face south.

Check out the satellite view. Get a clear understanding and image of what’s nearby. What is the street access like?

Walk the property. There’s really no better way to be sure about your land without walking it yourself. This is a total must-do before settling on a lot. Get an idea of where you’ll want things to be. Double- and triple-check for any potential issues.

Do your homework on any restrictions or limitations. Are there any restrictions as far as utilities are concerned? It is city or well water? If you’re miles away from the city, will you be able to get cable and internet connections? Are there rules enforced by an HOA, or any environmental conditions you should be aware of?

Let us help. Not only is this project a big investment, but it’s also your dream home! There’s no better relief than handing the weight over to trusted professionals. Take a look at our New Custom Homes process, and when you’re ready to go for it you can fill out the form here. We know we can help make your dreams come true!

If you’ve got questions, contact us! We’re here to help!