DIY Teepee: A Gift for the Kids / by Jenny Yarborough

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Who doesn’t love building forts? The holiday season is the perfect time for you to embrace your inner child, spend some time with your kids and get creative! If you’re looking for a fun and hands-on gift for your kids (that you’ll get to enjoy with them), check out this no-sew DIY teepee!

You’ll need:

- 6 pieces of wood (for something a little larger, 1x2x8’s, but your preferred height will work!)
- hot glue gun
- drill
- fabric (measurements will depend on the height of your wood)
- jute


Frame it:

Measure each piece of wood about 1 ft. down. In the center, drill a hole for the jute to string through. Weave the jute through each hole and gradually position them in the shape that you’d like. After you have the teepee shape that works best for your space, wrap the jute around the entire bundle until it feels secure.


Wrap it up:

There are so many ways you can wrap your teepee frame with fabric. If you have spare fabric lying around the house, now is the perfect time to use it! Otherwise, measure your frame to see how much you’ll need.

You can cut out huge triangles to cover one side of your teepee at a time, hot gluing along the wood. It’s a good idea to have your glue gun on low so that it dries quicker.

Alternatively, you can cut out strips of fabric and work your way down from the top, creating more of a layered or patchwork effect with different patterns and colors. If you decide on layering with strips of fabric, leave the biggest pieces for the bottom.

For the door, take the fabric as low down as you’d like it, but stop gluing the edges when you reach where you’d like the top of the door to be. Cut a slit through the center of the fabric from the bottom up to just about the same height, if not a little higher than where the hot glue ends. You can roll up the excess fabric and hold it with clips, or hot glue it so that it remains open.

Throw in some blankets, pillows and books, and voila—a DIY teepee for the kids, that you’ll probably love too!

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