I have a dream: How to plan your own custom dream home / by Jenny Yarborough

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A new year has arrived and if you’re ringing it in with an addition to your family, looking for a change of scenery, hoping to downsize or upgrade, building a new custom home might just be already in the works in your mind. While dreaming about a new home is incredibly fun, the thought of planning out all of the pieces along the way can be daunting. Not to worry! That’s why we’re here. 

If you’re even considering building a new custom home, there’s a method to the madness. Use these five steps to help you plan your dream home. 

Q & A: We like to begin our process with a few questions before getting started. What are your hobbies? How do you entertain guests? What are the top priorities for your new home?  Do you have any special needs? Have you seen something specific in a magazine or online that you’d like to incorporate into your new home build? What type of budget are you working with? By answering these questions, you’ll really be able to get your mind running in the right direction. Be sure to keep a pen and paper or computer handy to take notes. Or, if you’re really ready to make moves, you can fill out our custom homes questionnaire here.

Vision board. The best way to visualize all of your wants and needs for a new home is to put them down on paper using images. Since we are in 2018, we do have a few online tools that can make this process easier like Houzz and Pinterest. So take your pick! Break out your computer and turn on the wifi and begin gleaning images that inspire you or if you’re more of a hands-on type of guy or gal, break out your Southern Living, Architectural Digest and Garden and Gun magazines and start clipping out images for a more tangible vision board that will help you get your thoughts together and later help your builder get on the same page.

Location. Location. Location. You’ve got the WHO. (That’s you!) You’ve got the WHY. (It’s about time.) Now, it’s time to plan the WHERE. Do you like the location of your current home? What is it you do like about it and what is it that drives you crazy? Do you want to be closer to the action so you can walk to your favorite coffee shop? Or do you want to have a house on the water with a private dock? There’s a chance you already have your eyes set on a particular neighborhood. Do a little research. See if there’s a lot in your price range. If you’re in the dark here, no worries. As builders, we have connections! It’s okay to ask for help.

Let’s meet. Once you have all of your ducks in a row and feel like you have a fairly clear vision for your new home, it’s time to meet. When we meet we’ll go over all of your thoughts, questions and ideas in order to give you our very best professional opinion on how we can make this work with your budget. If you’re looking to make your home really special, we also have a team of architects and designers that we love to partner with to truly customize your home. 

Ready. Set. Go. After our initial meeting, we’ll take your homework home with us this time. We’ll crunch some numbers and begin the process to building your dream home.

Questions? We have answers! Contact us anytime.