New year, new home: How to choose the right builder / by Mark Schmidt

A lot of trust goes into choosing the right builder for your new home (and even for renovations). Most people will only build one house in their lifetime. It's a really big deal. So don't make small of it. Building a home may be the most expensive thing you ever do, but if you build your home with the right team of craftsmen, it'll also be the most rewarding gift you've ever gifted yourself. Follow these steps to be sure you choose the right builder for you:

Phone a friend. When you're thinking of purchasing a new pair of running shoes or a paddle board for your youngest kid, you typically ask your friends about their recent purchases and how they feel about them now that they've had some wear and tear. So why wouldn't you do the same with a home? Take a mental list of friends, co-workers, and family who also happen to be homeowners and live within a 50-mile radius. Now, of those friends, whose homes really speak to you? Call them up and have a chat about their builder. Take note, and then give those builders a call yourself. 

Read the reviews. Every builder who has experience should have at least a few reviews on Houzz. See what the clients have to say about each builder you're considering. Read our reviews here. Many builders also have a list of referral clients who don't mind receiving calls from potential clients. Ask your builder for a few previous clients' digits so you can see what other people have to say about their experience. 

Note the shelf-life. Now that you're down to the wire, do a quick Google search. Has the builder you've been thinking about hiring to build your dream home ever had his (or her) work published? When the local mags take note of a home (or a few), it speaks volumes about a builder's work and reputation around town. View our work in Wrightsville Magazine as a Home of Distinction and Kitchen that Cooks

Get some face time. We're not talking about FaceTime, we're talking about real face-to-face time. It's important to work with someone you really click with and someone who understands your dreams as well as your budget. Schedule a meeting with your potential builder prior to signing any contracts to be sure he (or she) is the one!  

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